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Union, NJ

Know The HALT Triggers Says Addiction Treatment Center Summit Behavioral Health

February 06, 2017
We’ve discussed recovery triggers on our blog in the past, but it’s always helpful to revisit the topic, as triggers are generally a major obstacle in any recovery reports Summit Behavioral Health, an addiction treatment center with locations in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Although triggers can vary from person to person, there are four triggers that tend to rear their ugly heads for just...

Addiction Treatment Experts Discuss 5 Stressors That Lead To Drug Abuse

February 03, 2017
According to a “Stress in America1” report published by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Millennial generation is the most stressed out, closely followed by those in Generation X, report the addiction treatment experts at Summit Behavioral Health. One of the leading causes of stress for young adults? Money. Specifically, worries about not having enough to make ends meet. ...

Drug & Alcohol Detox NJ Presents Clinical Application Of Pharmacogenetic Testing

February 01, 2017
Serenity at Summit New England, a part of the Summit Behavioral Health continuum, opened in November 2015 to provide detoxification and residential substance abuse treatment services to the New England and Northeast Communities. As of January 2017 Serenity will have treated close to 1000 patients. One of the key factors that sets this addiction treatment center apart is the utilization of gen...

The U.S. Heroin Epidemic New Jersey Drug Detox Experts Weigh In

January 27, 2017
Opioids are driving this national tragedy, with nearly 19,000 overdose deaths related to pain relievers and more than 10,500 related to heroin in 2014 alone. Four out of five heroin users began with prescription painkillers. As the rate of opioid abuse continues to escalate, so does the rate of heroin abuse. Today, the country is experiencing a frightening surge in opioid abuse and overdose d...

Medical Detox Centers Take A Stand Against Going Cold Turkey Without Supervision

January 26, 2017
Using drugs or drinking alcohol causes brain functioning to change. In an alcoholic or addict, the change causes a flood of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which is what creates a feeling of pleasure, or a high. Over time, an addict seeks to recreate that high which can lead to dependence or addiction. Once a person has reached that point, if the drug or alcohol use is stopped, symptoms of with...

NJ Addiction Treatment Center Plugs 5 Movies About Substance Abuse And Recovery

January 24, 2017
In some cases, art imitates life. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you might take comfort in watching some inspirational films about ordinary people battling back from addiction and reclaiming their lives all recommended by a leading NJ addiction treatment center. Hollywood has made dozens of movies about alcohol and drug abuse. Here are five films that sh...

New Jersey Alcoholism Treatment Center Explain Women and Alcohol Mix

January 21, 2017
Alcohol affects women differently than it affects men, even when they drink smaller amounts. There are more health risks including liver disease, breast cancer, and brain damage. While women are just as likely as men to be successful with sobriety, they may have more challenges finding accessible alcoholism treatment. Alcohol Risks in Women Women around the world drink alcohol for many re...

New Jersey Drug Rehab Center Marijuana & Drug Abuse

January 20, 2017
When is the last time that you heard about someone who is high on marijuana assaulting someone unprovoked? Or totaling their car? Or overdosing? Or choosing to check into a drug rehab center? Chances are your answer is never. Most people who smoke marijuana don’t end up doing the bad things that people who abuse alcohol and other drugs do. Not to mention the fact that marijuana use in some fo...

New Jersey Addiction Treatment Center Explains Dual Diagnosis Treatment

January 14, 2017
Summit Behavioral Health outlines why mental illness stigmatizes sufferers preventing them from seeking dual diagnosis addiction treatment Mental health is just as important as physical well-being, however, many societies still struggle to recognize that mental illness is a medical issue—not a moral failing. Unfortunately, the stigma that so often surrounds mental health sometimes prevents ...

Addiction Treatment & Mental Illness: 7 Key Facts

January 12, 2017
Co-occurring disorders, also known as dual-diagnosis, refers to the condition of having both a substance use disorder –or alcohol dependence or addiction – and a mental health disorder simultaneously. In order to have long-term recovery, it’s important that both conditions are addressed, which can be challenging because they are often complexly intertwined. Learn more about dual diagnosis co-...