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Host An Alcohol Free Christmas Party- Keep Your Friends Out Of Alcohol Detox

December 16, 2016
Christmas is quickly approaching, which means plenty of parties, get-togethers, and mandatory work celebrations. Although you can’t always control whether alcohol will make an appearance at events hosted by others, you can host an alcohol-free celebration that is plenty of fun. Here are several ways to ensure your event is a success and you keep your friends out of alcohol detox. Be Sele...

Drug Addiction: The Five Most Common Substances Abused

December 15, 2016
Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, a drug addiction doesn’t have to feature an illegal substance to cause serious health problems or disruptions in a person’s life. If you struggle with addiction, it may be helpful to know that you are by no means alone. Although addiction can often make a person feel isolated, knowing that others experience the same issue can be a sou...

Indulge Yourself For The Holidays – Not Your Alcohol Addiction

December 13, 2016
The holiday season is a time during which people gather to spend quality time with friends and loved ones. It’s also a season of parties, which often means alcohol. For someone recovering from alcohol addiction, it can feel like someone is offering you a drink everywhere you turn. Suddenly, what is supposed to be a joyful, relaxing time is more of a nightmare of stress and anxiety. Fortu...


May 19, 2016
Michael always had highs and lows, difficulty sleeping, and terrible fears of not being good enough or failing. In high school he just thought these feelings were part of the stress and pressure of being popular, a high school football star, and maintaining good grades. He was the star quarterback in high school, had good grades and was popular. Being up and down and not sleeping were just a...

Finding The Right Detox Program in New Jersey

March 12, 2016
  Detox program at New Jersey Detox Treatment Center Summit Behavioral Health, medical and addiction professionals guide you through the process of detoxification and treat symptoms of withdrawal. How Long Does It Take To Get Over The Initial Discomfort Of Sobriety? Whether you’re new to recovery or just thinking that it’s time to start looking into treatment, you probably have s...